Full Name
Yuta Nojiri
Job Title
Linea Innovations
Speaker Bio
Yuta Nojiri is the director of LINEA Innovations Inc., a startup established in 2023 from Nihon University and the University of Tsukuba. LINEA Innovations is developing an aneutronic fusion reactor with advanced fuels based on open magnetic field concepts. Nojiri holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tokyo. He began his career at Mizuho Securities in 2006. In 2009, he joined the space startup Axelspace as CFO and COO, leading funding and satellite projects. In 2029, he became CFO of AI startup JDSC. He joined Nearer Group as CFO in 2020, leading its IPO in 2023. Since 2024, he has been the director of LINEA Innovations.
Yuta Nojiri