FusionXInvest 2024, the only global event designed to showcase the fusion energy industry to the finance and investment community, took place at MIT in Boston in conjunction with the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center. The conference gathered 200 leaders drawn from the fusion and investment communities. An extraordinary 37 of the world’s fusion companies were in attendance.

FusionXInvest 2024 comprised a packed day of insight from fusion companies, governments and investors, followed by a day of site visits to Commonwealth Fusion Systems and the PSFC facility.

Where to now for FusionX? First, to Japan in October 2024, before we return state-side - to California - in Q1 of next year for FusionXInvest 2025.

The path to commercialisation seems increasingly within reach. Join us on the journey.

The agenda at a glance



  • The path and timeframe to commercialisation
  • Status of various fusion technologies 
  • Investor perspectives: fusion an investment opportunity
  • How to improve the risk-return profile of fusion investments


  • Investor/fusion industry networking lunch 


  • Fusion in an investment portfolio: return enhancement, diversification or hedging
  • Investing in enabling technologies & the fusion supply chain
  • Inside a funding round
  • PPPs, partnerships, JVs & consolidation as a value driver
  • Live audience polling


  • Join us at an industry-meets-investment cocktail reception 



  • Site visit: CFS's Devens Campus, housing CFS's manufacturing facility & the demonstration site for the compact, high-field, net fusion energy device, SPARC. 


  • Site visit: PSFC’s Albany Street facility, home of MIT’s high-field magnetic confinement pathway to fusion 


"As the goal of fusion energy continues to drive both the public and private sector, the PSFC is excited to co-host FusionXInvest and introduce this critical technology to the next generation of financiers and investors."

Dennis G. Whyte, Director, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

FusionXInvest was held at the MIT Samberg Conference Center.





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