FusionXInvest Japan


FusionXInvest:Japan connects the full spectrum of fusion energy stakeholders to map a path forward for the accelerated allocation of capital to fusion and the fusion supply chain, and to build partnerships with Japan’s public and private sector entities.

With fusion accelerating towards commercialization, and Japan implementing a national strategy to support this vision, now is the time to join us in Tokyo to connect with fusion energy leaders and investors.

Confirmed participants include Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Kyoto Fusioneering, J-Fusion, Fujikura, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Tokamak Energy, ANRI, SHINE, Zap Energy, Hitachi, General Fusion, OpenStar Technologies, MEXT, Leitmotif, EX-Fusion, Avalanche Energy, Thea Energy, Mitsui, Furukawa Electric, Faraday 1867 Holdings, UK Atomic Energy Authority, and more.

FusionXInvest:Japan comprises a packed day of discussion, debate and insight from Japanese and international fusion companies, supply chain innovators, and financial and strategic investors, followed by a full day of networking and site visits.

  • For financial & strategic investors: engage with Japanese and international fusion innovators and understand if, how, and when you should invest.
  • For fusion & fusion supply-chain companies: connect with Japanese and global investors and make the case for your company and your industry.

If not now, when? Join us in Tokyo this October 15-16.

Officially endorsed by J-Fusion/J-Fusion 後援

FusionXInvest:Japan will be held in Tokyo’s Central Business District at the Tokyo Convention Hall.

Tokyo Convention Hall is located in Tokyo Square Garden, conveniently within walking distance of Tokyo Station, the main hub station of Tokyo. 


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