Simultaneous Japanese-English & English-Japanese interpretation will be provided throughout.

Discussions & Networking

Tuesday, October 15, 2024
8:00 AM
Registration, Coffee & Networking
9:00 AM
Welcoming Remarks
9:10 AM
Interactive Keynote Presentation

An interactive presentation, hosted by Melanie Windridge, Co-Founder, FusionX to explain the synergies between the US & Japanese strategies for fusion energy.

9:40 AM
Japan & the Path to Commercialisation

A panel of senior figures from the world’s leading public & private, fusion-focused entities discuss & define the path to commercialisation:

  • How close are the leading technologies to achieving private-sector break-even, & what effect will that have on investment in the sector?
  • How are partnerships between the private & public sector, & between Japanese & international entities, accelerating movement towards commercialisation?
  • How can the use of industrialized fusion tech for non-power applications, de-risk the path to commercial fusion-power generation?
  • What needs to be done to integrate fusion energy machines into power systems and onto the grid? 
10:40 AM
Coffee & Investor Networking
11:00 AM
Investor Insight

Stuart Allen, CEO, FusionX interviews two leading international fusion investors to explore the investment thesis for fusion energy, how fusion sits with allocations to renewables, alternative energy, or deep-tech, and the potential for Japanese outbound investment in financing fusion.

11:40 AM
Japanese Fusion Investment

A panel of leading Japanese investors share their thoughts, motivations and expectations on fusion as an investment opportunity:

  • What are expectations & how has fusion performed vs. expectations thus far?
  • What strategies are Japanese investors following to address the fusion opportunity?
  • Can fusion enhance short- & long-term returns? Does it reduce risk/bring diversification to a portfolio?What’s an ideal weighting towards fusion? 
  • What are the investment opportunities in the Japanese fusion-supply chain?
12:40 PM
Interactive Keynote: International Fusion Partnership

An interactive presentation, hosted by Melanie Windridge, Co-Founder, FusionX to explain the synergies between the US & Japanese strategies for fusion energy.

1:00 PM
Networking Lunch
2:00 PM
Inside the Funding Rounds

A moderated discussion with one of the world’s leading fusion companies & one of their leading investors, exploring their capital-raising process, from start-up to major, & the origin, nature & benefits of their partnership with Japan.

2:30 PM
Investment & Partnership in Fusion Innovation

A series of short presentations from fusion innovators, followed by an interactive Q&A, by earlier stage, seed to Series A, companies looking for partnership, suppliers, or funding:

  • Many fusion efforts eg. aim at utility level deployment or focus on D-T, others seek advantages from mass-manufacture and/or aneutronic routes. What are the cost, risk or other benefits of these different approaches? 
  • What role can Japanese investors, partners or suppliers play in the advance of these companies?
  • What criteria should potential partners, suppliers or investors apply when exploring novel, fusion opportunities?
3:40 PM
Coffee & Investor Networking
4:00 PM
Investing Strategically: Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Representatives from a major international fusion company and their Japanese partners – suppliers, strategic & financial investors – explore their collaboration.

  • How can collaboration accelerate the path to commercialisation?
  • How partnerships mitigate the challenges of financing a long-term, capital-intensive project such as fusion?
  • What is the optimum role for Japanese private-sector tech & engineering?
  • How are such partnerships most effectively structured?
4:40 PM
Investing in Enabling Tech & Supply Chain

Japan is well positioned to deliver critical components to the global fusion industry. Investing in companies that seek to resolve the engineering or construction challenges of fusion companies, or supply the specialist inputs fusion requires, can both give diverse exposure in fusion plus other markets.

  • What technical & engineering challenges/solutions in fusion present opportunities for Japanese & international entities?
  • Do businesses with expertise in e.g. LTS magnets, lasers, or reactor-vessel materials give diverse exposure to both fusion & other markets?
  • What are the prospects for consolidation in fusion, fusion-tech & supply chains? And what strategic benefits might consolidation bring?
5:30 PM
The Fusion Opportunity

An interactive session to define the evolution, sizes, & dynamics of a global fusion market served by commercial fusion power plants & supporting supply chain.

  • How big might the global market for fusion power production actually be, and where will the biggest opportunities lay?
  • How will cost reductions through technological development influence deployment curves as fusion power plants develop?
  • What does this mean for supply chains supporting fusion power plants?
6:00 PM
Networking Drinks Reception

Hosted by Avalanche Energy.

Networking Day

Wednesday, October 16, 2024
10:00 AM
Coffee & Networking
10:30 AM
Depart to Naka
12:00 PM
Networking Lunch
2:00 PM
Visit & Tour
3:30 PM
Q&A Session
4:00 PM
Depart to Tokyo
5:00 PM
Networking Drinks